Furnace services improve efficiency during winter

furnace service in winter

Furnace services can refer to a few different things. The most important point for a home owner if they have a furnace heating system is to make certain that they are getting the best performance they can out of this system.

Professional furnace services from SystemAire can help in a lot of ways. Money is saved, energy efficiency is boosted and home comfort is ensured all winter long. Read on to learn about services for your furnace.

What are furnace services?

Furnace cleaning services

In general, servicing your furnace refers to making sure that it is doing its job. One of the most basic services is making sure that a furnace is clean. Dust, dirt or other buildup will have an impact on how efficient a furnace is running.

It is also important to replace the furnace filter on a regular basis. While it is possible to clean a furnace and replace the filter on your own, do not try to do so if you have no experience with a furnace, since serious injury may result.

The blower assembly should be thoroughly cleaned any time the season changes. Doing so will improve the flow of hot air from the furnace.

Additional furnace services

Pilot light issues should be addressed right away. If you notice the heat just give out all of a sudden, it may be an issue with the pilot light. Give it a look if you know what you are doing, or call a home heating expert and have them assess the problem.

Furnace electrical components sometimes fail. Again, if you are familiar with the wiring and control panel, check these out if the heat stops pumping. If not, hiring a furnace professional will be the fastest way to get the heat on again.

Cost of furnace services

Find any warranty or service plan info that you have. Servicing your furnace may be covered.

If you do have to pay out of your own pocket, the cost will depend on the size, brand and age of your furnace. If severe damage, is done to the furnace itself, or if the pilot light is beyond repair, you will probably need to pay for a furnace replacement.

Routine furnace maintenance will extend its life. Once you work with a furnace service professional that you trust, be sure to set up a schedule for cleaning, filter changes and more.

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