HVAC renovation in spring means safe, effective upgrades around the house

major HVAC renovation before summer

HVAC renovation, or major work to your home heating and cooling, might sound daunting. The good news is spring is just around the corner.

The HVAC renovation experts at SystemAire are gearing up for big jobs this spring season. Be sure to get on the schedule and enjoy AC upgrades just in time for the summer sun!

Popular HVAC renovation projects

Heating upgrades around the house

This is probably not as important to homeowners now that winter is starting to thaw, but a new furnace, new boiler, new forced air heating system or new geothermal heat pump makes a big difference.

In some cases, there are specials and discounts available through heating system manufacturers that make it a great idea to overhaul heating at home in the spring. Since summer is plenty warm already, replacing these components in spring means testing is possible but your house will not be chilly during the work.

Air conditioning upgrades and installations

Spring in Oregon is often mild enough that the heating and cooling do not need to be on all day for a home to feel comfortable. If your home was always much too hot during last summer, it might be a good choice to upgrade home cooling ahead of the coming summer.

The timing of AC installations in spring allow, just as with heating, for the technician to install and test components as needed without disrupting the overall comfort of your home. That way, once the sun is shining all day long in summer, you can rely on constant cool air throughout the house.

HVAC renovations for specific purposes

In many cases, renovating HVAC systems is about cost management. New AC units, furnaces and so on often reduce the monthly cost of energy bills. Similarly, newer and more efficient systems lead to a reduced carbon footprint.

Old homes often require HVAC renovation if they are going to be inhabited after a long time on the real estate market. If you plan to move this spring, make sure that a trusted HVAC professional assesses the property as part of your move-in checklist.

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