What Our Customers Are Saying On Our Heating and Cooling Services

Thank you!
I got a quote for an air conditioning unit and installation, and the next day it was installed. This included a coil in the furnace, copper wiring, raising the platform to our raised garden height. Not an easy task. The quote I was given was the same price I paid. He worked with our budget. Also, he put in clean furnace filters and changed our heating so there is not such a big heat difference between upstairs and downstairs. We now have a two ton air conditioning unit that works great! I am so glad I went to SystemAire to get air conditioning. Thank you!
Very Professional – Highly Recommended!
I recently made the decision to install an air conditioner in my home. I went through the bid process and had three HVAC professionals provide me with proposals. I chose System Aire. The team that installed my air conditioner was very professional, was very clean and impressed me with their efficiency. Since the install, I had a leak in my garage that I thought was attributed to the air conditioning unit. The owner of SystemAire, Bill Bright, immediately came to my home to see what was going on with the leak. As it turned out, it wasn’t the air conditioner at all — The leak was attributed to a pump on my water heater. The fact that Bill made my problem a priority during the hottest time of the year – when he is busiest – really impressed me. I recommend SystemAire to any homeowner that would like a professional job done right.
Thank You Bill!
We really appreciate the work that Bill has done for us. Both times we have worked with him, servicing our AC unit and furnace, he has listened to our concerns and given us the best assessment of the situation, as well as outstanding work. He is a pleasure to work with and does a wonderful job of breaking down the issues for anyone to understand. I will absolutely recommend SystemAire Inc. to anyone I ever know that needs their HVAC system serviced, and will for sure be calling for Bill in our next home. Thank you for your incredible work.
SystemAire, Inc. exceeded my expectations in every area…
SystemAire installed a new heating and air conditioning system in my home recently. They exceeded my expectations in every area.

The owner, Bill Bright, went beyond just proposing equipment. He made several suggestions to improve the entire system. Bill supervised each aspect of the installation and actually did more then promised in the contract with no additional charges. Once the work was completed (on time) all details were seen to and our home left completely cleaned up.

The end result is a system that has improved the livability of our home. I can enthusiastically recommend SystemAire for residential heating and air conditioning work.
The Service We Received Was Exceptional…
This letter is written to inform the Better Business Bureau on services received by one of your current members.

Recently two families participated in the purchase and installation of air conditioning units. Will and Brenda Fox as well as Wayne and Paula Holt had these units installed at their residences in Beaverton, Oregon.

Most of the time letters and calls received by the BBB are regarding unfavorable occurrences and challenges. The service we received from Bill Bright of SystemAire, Inc. was exceptional.

As a group, we felt compelled to forward a letter to the BBB with praise and approval on the professional service received by Bill Bright. He displayed honesty, integrity and followed through with every commitment that was presented to us in the purchase of our air-conditioning systems.

If you have a system for rating excellence then we would like to make sure that SystemAire and Bill Bright are included on this rating.

Kudos to Bill and his team.